Blogs I Love – The Smitten Kitchen

As we have established on this blog before I love food and love to bake but hate to cook. I don’t really bother reading a whole lot of food blogs because mostly they wind up being a whole lot of things I have zero interest in ever making interspersed with a rare recipe that looks really good. Usually if I get an idea to make something I’ll just Google a recipe or stumble upon a recipe that looks really good in some other way. I do enjoy The Smitten Kitchen blog however because the ratio of recipes I’d like to try vs. those I have zero interest in is pretty good. I still don’t make most of them, but they often look drool-worthy. Plus the ones I have tried have all been super tasty. She writes a lot in the blog telling stories surrounding her recipes. I admit I don’t normally read those. I really actually don’t read most of the blog. I see the headline in Google Reader that tells me what the recipe is. If it looks like something I want to try later I mark it, if not I move on. I’m just in it for the food. If you like to cook or bake though I would definitely recommend adding The Smitten Kitchen to your blogroll.

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