Blogs I Love – Wherever Mark Blankenship is Writing

Back to my series about blogs I love. I kind of got distracted from it for no good reason. All the posts were written and set to draft and meant to be published one a day for a little over a week, but that obviously didn’t happen. This week at work is going to be nuts for me at work so it seems the perfect time to start dishing the rest of these out.

This post isn’t so much about a particular blog that I love, but a writer that I really enjoy. Obviously it would be remiss of me to not include a blog that covers music in this series given my own tendency to write about it. I first started reading stuff written by Mark Blankenship on his own pop culture themed blog, The Critical Condition, where he wrote about music, movies, and television. He now has a job writing about music for Logo TV’s NewNowNext blog, so he doesn’t really update The Critical Condition anymore. It’s a little bit harder to follow him now because his posts appear in the midst of a bunch of other stuff posted by other people on that blog that I don’t necessarily care that much about. Although, I can generally pick out his stuff just based on the headline. It also helps that he usually posts a link to Twitter as well.

I like to see what Mark has to say about music because we share a lot of the same taste in music, though he is much more into Euro-pop than I am. I enjoy the fact that he too is a country music fan in addition to pop music and will write about them both. I feel like country music is often shunted off into its own little world, but I love them both so it’s nice to read about them both in the same place.

Mark often introduces me to songs that I haven’t yet heard, which sometimes become huge hits and sometimes not. I first heard Gotye’s Somebody That I Used to Know on his blog months before I heard it hit mainstream radio and became almost unavoidable. Sometimes though he covers songs that I’m already familiar with and then it’s just fun to see where our opinions align and diverge. We’ve even occasionally posted something about the same song within hours of each other. Though he is a much better writer than I  as is evidenced by the fact that he’s getting paid for his writing and I definitely am not. If you like pop music I suggest you hunt down the posts by Mark Blankenship on the NewNowNext blog.

Mark also works and writes for TDF Stages, which one might guess is all about the theatre. As anyone who reads this blog knows I also love the theatre. However, unlike with writing about music which is I can easily get my hands on, reading this often just makes me feel jealous of all the people getting to see so many shows I will never have the opportunity to see. Honestly I can’t complain too much because between my season tickets to both the Hippodrome for the touring Broadway shows and to CenterStage I get to see a lot of great theatre in my own Baltimore backyard. Plus our nearness to NYC and the fact that my sister-in-law lives there means I also make it up to see Broadway and off-Broadway shows several times per year as well. Anyway, I greatly digress from the topic of this blog post. If you are a fellow lover of the theatre enjoy the behind-the-scenes look at it from Mark Blankenship and his fellow writers at TDF Stages.

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