Every year my neighborhood hosts two street festivals, HonFest and HampdenFest. I’ve written about HonFest, which is a much bigger two day festival. However I much prefer HampdenFest. It’s a smaller one day festival that is much more a celebration of my neighborhood and the businesses in it than HonFest is. HampdenFest is also much less crowded, which I appreciate. They’ve been trying out some new, fun things over the past few years. It now features The Great Baltimore Mac Off, which if you couldn’t tell from the name is a macaroni and cheese baking contest, a bread pudding eating contest, and my favorite the toilet bowl races. They also apparently added a competition between waitstaff at some of the local restaurants, but I never saw any of that happening while we were out and about.

This year we met up with some friends. We cast our ballot in the Mac Off, got some locally brewed beer, got some lunch, bought a couple things from vendors, and watched the toilet bowl races. There’s same nasty storms rolling through the Baltimore area now with thunderstorms and some tornadoes in the surrounding areas, which unfortunately closed down the festival early. Luckily we got in everything we wanted to do before everything shut down including my race to make it back to the kettle corn stand before they closed.

I pretty much only took pictures of the toilet bowl races, which you can enjoy below. Notice the storm clouds getting darker and darker. The winner of the race was a family, with a couple of kids which was nice. The last picture in the set is of their vehicle waiting to be awarded their golden toilet seat.


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One thought on “Hampdenfest

  1. One of the first things I saw when I got there was a person walk past me balancing something on a spoon. Later, a woman with a tray of martini glasses filled with water went by. Only later did I see the sign for the waitstaff competition and infer that that’s what I was seeing. Apparently, dodging us— the crowd— was part of the challenge!

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