Blogs I Love – What’s Alan Watching

It is no secret that I love television. Thus a number of the feeds in my Google Reader are related to television. One of my favorites is Alan Sepinwall’s What’s Alan Watching. Most of his blog is dedicated to reviews of certain television shows with some interviews and analysis of things going on in the television industry. Alan and I tend to share the same taste in tv shows, so I enjoy reading his thoughts on what happened in any given episode or on a show as a whole for shows he doesn’t review on an episode by episode basis. I often decide whether or not I’m going to watch a new television show based on his assessment of it.

Sepinwall is also well respected in the community of television critics and the television industry in general. This was evidenced recently when David Simon, creator of The Wire and Treme, wound up in an online kerfuffle over a comment he made in a story in The New York Times. In order to set the record straight and hopefully calm things down Simon indicated on his own blog that he contacted a critic he respected for a lengthy discussion on the issue at hand. That critic was Alan Sepinwall.

If you’re a fellow television lover I highly recommend that you check out What’s Alan Watching.

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