Food Worth Waiting For (Samos and Blacksauce Kitchen)

I used to not mind have to wait for a long time when I went out to dinner, but now that I’m older and crankier I generally dislike having to wait any longer than 10-15 minutes. Thus I always have to psych myself up when we eat at Samos, which is Baltimore’s best Greek restaurant in my opinion. Like many Baltimore restaurants that have been built into the shadows of rowhouses it is pretty tiny, so unless you can manage to get down there really early you’re looking at a good long wait. We met some friends there for dinner last night at 7 and had to wait for an hour before we were seated.

Happily we got our appetizers and Greek salads with piles of their awesome pita bread pretty quickly after ordering so we didn’t have to wait too long to get some food in our bellies. I usually get the chicken souvlaki sandwich, but last night I broadened my horizons and got the shrimp souvlaki platter. I’m glad I did because it was super awesome and I have leftovers for dinner tonight too. If you live in Baltimore and have never been or are visiting I highly suggest dining at Samos. Just be prepared to wait a little while.

Though nothing like having to wait an hour+ to get a table, I also often have to wait in a slow moving line to get my biscuit from Blacksauce Kitchen every Saturday at the farmer’s market. Blacksauce Kitchen sells food at various markets and festivals in Baltimore in addition to providing catering services. They are known for their awesome biscuits, which they make in a variety of flavors. The first time I had Blacksauce was three years ago at HampdenFest, which is a yearly festival put on in my neighborhood by the community council and merchant’s association. At the festival they serve more of their catering food so you can get various meats, a choice of sides, and of course a biscuit. My friend Darra and I couldn’t stop talking about how amazing the food was.

Shortly after that they started showing up at our farmer’s market, which I am super happy about because it means biscuits every weekend. The menu changes on a weekly basis, but they always have 2 flavors of biscuits and 2 different types of sandwiches (one meat, one vegetarian) you can make on your choice of biscuit. Most weekends I just wind up getting a biscuit, but occasionally there will be a sandwich that strikes my fancy. This morning they had my favorite sandwich which is fried chicken with spicy honey on a buttermilk biscuit. That is also the sandwich that makes the line take forever. If there’s any amount of people in line it’s usually slow, but that sandwich makes it the worst because they are frying the chicken on site and can only do a little at a time. That’s probably why this sandwich only makes an appearance a couple times a year, but the wait is totally worth it. Wouldn’t you wait in line for this:

This year’s Hampdenfest is happening next weekend and I see Blacksauce on the list of food vendors. I can hardly wait to get my hands on whatever they’ll be serving up for lunch this year.

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