My new current obsession is the game SongPop. You can download the app to your phone, tablet, or Facebook. It’s a name that tune kind of game though not exactly like the old Name That Tune game show. As you know I love music, so this game is right up my alley. Basically there are playlists with various types of songs. You start off with a handful of playlists (80s, 90s, Love Songs, Modern Rap, Classic Rock, Today’s Hits) and are presented with a random selection of the 3 of them to choose from at the beginning of your turn. Then you get 5 songs in that category that you have to guess either the name of the song or the artist. You earn points for each one guessed correctly, earning more points the faster you guess the correct answer. Then whoever you’re playing against has to answer the same thing and whoever earned the most points wins that round.

I just like playing because it’s fun, but the game creators have also built in extra game type things that make you want to keep playing. Aside from the satisfaction of being whoever you might be playing you also earn coins for each round you play (1 if you lose, 3 if you win). You can use the coins to buy things like additional playlists. I’ve earned enough coins to buy a couple new playlists and have my eye on a few more. Also the more you play in each playlist the more songs you unlock, so there is an incentive to keep playing.

I also like the fact that I sometimes get reminded of songs that I like and forgot existed. Though there is also the reverse of that when the game earworms you with a song you don’t like. It’s also not the most convenient game to play due to the audio nature of it. For instance your husband may get mad when you play while he’s watching television. Also I can’t really play on my phone in public like I do other things like Words with Friends. But all in all I’m really enjoying the game and welcome new opponents. My username is dwhren if you want to play.

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