One Year of Being More than Meh

I started this blog one year ago today. Last year around this time I found myself in kind of a funk that I didn’t like. I was tired of dwelling on negative things and wanted to force myself to concentrate on all the good things in my life, of which there are many. I decided that writing this blog would be a great way to help me do that, and I was right.

At some point in the past couple months I tweeted that the best thing about writing a blog about things that make me happy is that I always have way more things making me happy than I actually have time to write about. I am never at a loss for things I want to post here but often don’t get a chance to write about something before something else comes along that I write about instead.

This blog has also forced me to give much more thought to the things that make me happy rather than the things that make me angry, sad, unhappy, etc. You have no idea how many times I have started composing a ranting blog post about something in my head before realizing I have nowhere to actually post it. It would be very easy for me spend time writing about things that annoy me, but that would just feed those feelings. Since I have deemed this a space to only write about happy-making things, I am limited to complaining about things that make me unhappy in short Twitter or Facebook updates. I am forced to distill my thoughts into a couple sentences and then move on. Not much time to dwell on bad things or get caught up in all the details that will just increase my awful feelings. Instead I get to spend time writing about the things that I love and remind myself that every day is full of little things that make this life worth living.

I look forward to spending another year focusing on the things in my life that are much more than meh.

3 thoughts on “One Year of Being More than Meh

  1. I’ve enjoyed your blog this past year! 🙂 I’m thinking of doing the same – will help me focus on happy things and not worry about stuff I can’t control! 🙂

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