Not Taking the Little Things for Granted

Sorry for the radio silence folks. I’m sure all three of my blog readers have been wondering where I disappeared to. Though my mother has been away on a cruise and without access to the internet, so I guess it’s really only two of you 🙂  For the past two weeks I have been away at a conference followed by a week’s vacation visiting my sister and nieces. I’ll write more about those trips later, but as they require much more time to sit down and write about for the moment I’m starting with this quickie on not taking the little things for granted.

While I was away Maryland was struck with a horrible line of storms that left much of the region without electricity during a ridiculously hot heat wave. The power at our house was restored sometime yesterday morning after being out for about 60 hours. There are many people in these parts who are still waiting and most likely will be waiting for several more days. Happily, I didn’t have to live through the days without power, but it gave me the opportunity to be really happy that I was safely ensconced somewhere that did have electricity. Things like that are so ingrained into the way that we live that until something happens to take them away from us we tend not to even think about them. So today I am happy to have returned home to a house that is once again filled with the electricity that allows me to do things like write this blog post, keep my food cold, and run the air conditioner that is making my house a pleasant place to be inside of instead of a sweltering mess.

One thought on “Not Taking the Little Things for Granted

  1. I felt that way during the hurricane. Especially now that we’re on a well, and I’ve never been without water for more than a few hours before. Running water is definitely something we take for granted!

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