Birthday Weekend Fun

My actual birthday is today, but Monday is a lame day to have a birthday on so I jam packed a lot of fun into the weekend leading up to my birthday. I wanted to do something with my friends for my birthday, but I wanted it to be something that involved me doing zero planning other than sending out an email invite. I didn’t even want to have to keep track of who was or wasn’t coming. For many people this would probably involve choosing a bar to go out to, but since I can’t drink that wasn’t really an appealing option for me. Instead I decided to invite everyone to join me at Belvedere Square for their free summer outdoor concerts. Every Friday during the summer they have free concerts while most of the food venues in the square set up booths to sell food outside (of course you can also still get food inside the venues as well). We staked out a spot in the grass and spent a lovely night hanging out, eating some great food, and enjoying the music. The band this past Friday was a Beatles cover band, which I guess is apropos given that Sir Paul McCartney and I share a birthday.

Saturday morning my husband and I hopped an early bus up to New York City. After arriving at my in-laws apartment we went out to grab lunch and then took my twin niece and nephew to the park. They had great fun playing on the stairs since that isn’t something they get to do inside where they live.

On Saturday night my husband I ventured out to the theater. I don’t even remember where I first heard about Peter and the Starcatcher, but it immediately jumped to the top of my list of Broadway shows I wanted to see. The play is based on a book by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson. It’s a prequel to the Peter Pan story, which explains how Peter Pan, the Lost Boys, Captain Hook, and Smee became who they are in the actual story of Peter Pan. I particularly wanted to see it while Christian Borle was playing the role of Black Stache (the character who becomes Captain Hook). He has been involved with the play since it was being workshopped, but it appeared that he wasn’t actually going to be able to star in it once it hit Broadway because of his current role in the television show Smash (as an aside his character Tom, is pretty much the only character on the show I don’t hate). However, due to shooting schedule of Smash he was actual able to perform in the role for a limited time at least. Borle was nominated for and in fact won the Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Play this past week. After seeing the play I completely agree he deserved to win. I found the entire play to be utterly delightful, but the energy that came about when Borle was on stage as Black Stache was palpable. It was a very fun show with lots of rhyming and puns (but not groan inducting ones). The staging was quite clever as well. They made amazing use of a single piece of rope. There were some other really cute things that they did with common household goods that I won’t spoil for anyone who wants to see the show because noticing them was part of the fun. If you get a chance to see it I would highly recommend it.

On Sunday we got to accompany the twins to their first swimming lesson. Ryan took to it almost right away, but Lily wasn’t so sure about it until about half way through the class. Luckily neither of them cried like a couple of the babies who screamed pretty much through the entire thing.

After the swimming lesson we grabbed lunch at The Boat Basin, which is a great little outdoor grill serving food and drinks right along the river. Then it was time for my husband and I catch our bus back to Baltimore. It was a great birthday weekend. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

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