My New Patio Table and Chairs

My husband bought the house we live in shortly after we started dating in 2004. I moved in after we got married in 2008. Yet, somehow it has taken us until this to get a table and chairs for our back patio. My husband is not likely to buy something like this for himself, so I’m not surprised that he never suggested it. I think I never thought it would work because our back patio is teeny tiny. Not to mention that for much of the time it always seemed like a place no one would really want to spend much time. It looks out into the alley. Plus my husband like with all things doesn’t seem to notice the horrible clutter he leaves about that I don’t want to deal with but makes me write off entire portions of our house (see the basement). Until I finally decided to do something about during the nice early spring we had this year, the back patio was littered with detritus of old plant life and stuff from various construction projects over the years and who knows what else. After I cleaned it all up I decided I really did want a little table and chairs back there. I found a little set at Target that is the perfect size for us and also nicely folds up so we’ll be able to store it during the winter. I’ve been spending a lot of time out there since we set it up. It’s great to sit out there and read under the shade of our umbrella, and the one little Japanese maple we have back there really does block much of the view into the alley. I’m rather kicking myself for letting it take almost 8 years before we did this. Now if I could only get my husband to stop throwing crap around back there and actually throw it away. I already yelled at him last night for plant detritus he has already tossed about since I cleaned it all up a few weeks ago.

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