Songs I Love: Dancing on My Own by Robyn

I just recently became acquainted with this song via the HBO show Girls. I was not sold on that show after the pilot, but if a show seems like it might have promise I usually give it a few episodes beyond the pilot to grab my interest. At the end of the third episode (which I just watched, we’re still three episodes behind), the main character Hannah is dancing alone in her room to this song after a really crappy day when her roommate comes home looks on amusedly before joining her. It’s the scene that kind of made me fall in love with the show.

The song Dancing on My Own by Robyn is the perfect song for that scene, which is partially what makes me love the song. Also, it seems to be yet another song that has grabbed my attention recently with it’s poppy, upbeat rhythm that can’t help make you happy despite its rather depressing lyrics. I like the juxtaposition that somehow feels like it leads to a sense of empowerment to me.

I’m including links to both the music video for the actual song as well as the scene from Girls, so you can choose to watch either or both as you are so inclined.

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