Things Good About This Day

Usually I wind up posting about very specific things here, but since it should also be about enjoying the little things I felt inspired to share all the things that I am enjoying about this day.

1. Plane arriving 15 minutes early back in Baltimore after a nice little weekend away.

2. Perfect lazy Sunday weather. Nice enough to enjoy having all the windows open, but cloudy and gross enough to not feel guilty about sitting inside and doing the rest of the stuff on this list.

3. Reading an entire book that I really enjoyed in one day (My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick, which I got as a free e-galley from NetGalley. It won’t be officially released until June 14, but after that go look it up. Some excellent YA fiction).

4. Reading the last 100 pages of aforementioned book while taking a nice long bath in my fabulous claw foot tub.

5. Turning on the TV just to see what’s on and stumbling across Unplugged featuring The Civil Wars on Palladia right as it was starting.

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