The Some Amount of Money Pyramid

In honor of Dick Clark upon his death, today I’m going to talk about my favorite game show, which is  The $10,000/ $25,000/ $100,000 Pyramid. I’m not sure what it exactly it is about this show that I like so much. I really love Jeopardy as well, and most of that is being able to play along and see how many of the answers (or questions rather) that I know. You can’t actually do that with Pyramid though because the answers are always on the screen. Whatever it is it definitely partly has to do with Dick Clark because I didn’t enjoy the reboot just called Pyramid and hosted by Donny Osmond nearly as much as the original. I still enjoy watching the original Pyramid reruns. Getting to watch that show again was what made me so excited when the Game Show Network came into existence. I ran across a marathon of the original Pyramid on the Game Show Network a couple weeks ago and was super happy. I don’t remember what we had planned for that night, but something forced me to go out instead of vegetating on my couch and watching the show. So I recorded it instead and spent the next afternoon watching some of my beloved Pyramid.

Enjoy this, the final episode of Dick Clark hosting the Pyramid.

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