Food Truck Gathering

In the past couple years food trucks have become a really big thing in Baltimore. During the warmer months they have started having food truck gatherings once a month on Friday night. Last night was the first official one for the season. Though there was a much smaller one held last month as a fundraiser for the SPCA around the corner from our house. They’ve held what they call The Gathering at several places around the city, but I think last night’s location at the Baltimore Museum of Industry was by far the best. There was plenty of space for all the trucks and people, which has not always been the case. It’s also right on the water so the view is really great. It would be nice if they did it there again when the weather is slightly warmer, but I’m suspecting that might not happen during prime wedding season because they hold lots of weddings in that location.

The key to The Gathering is definitely arriving soon after it starts though, otherwise you will be standing in line forever waiting to get your food. Paul and I got down there about 30 minutes after it started and got our food fairly quickly, but other friends who got down there later wound up waiting almost an hour. Whenever we go to the food trucks I try to get food from one that I haven’t eaten at before. Last night we wound up at the Miss Shirley’s truck. We both got grilled cheese sandwiches that were made with white cheddar on sourdough with fried green tomatoes in the middle and an order of sweet potato fries. I also got a salty caramel cupcake from the Iced Gems truck for dessert. Yum!

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