New Floor!

At some point in the history of my house, the then owner converted what was a porch into an additional room on the back of the house and added another bedroom on the upper level on top of it. While I appreciate the extra added space in our house, I kind of loathe whoever did it because of the cheap, horrible way they did it. One of the things they cheaped out on was the floor, which based on appearances seems to be the original porch floor. Here’s a picture of the original floor in all its glory.

We use the room as a pantry/storage area, so all we did to cover up the not so great floor was put a cheap rug on top of it. That served us fine over the past few years. However one of our cats, either due to some recent behavioral issue or medical issue, has been peeing in places outside of her litter box. Last week that place was the rug in that back room. We wound up having to throw the rug away. Instead of spending the money on another rug for the space, I decided we should actually replace the floor instead.

We had some experience putting in a laminate floor in our kitchen previously, so I thought that would be a fairly quick and not too expensive way to have a much nicer floor in that room. We weren’t too concerned with what was going back there since it’s essentially just a storage area so we just picked out the cheapest laminate floor Lowe’s had to offer us.

We spent yesterday installing the new floor. We got off to a rocky start.  There was lots of yelling at each other. Home improvement does not bring out the best in either of us. I always say that if anything ever results in us getting a divorce it’s going to be either some home improvement project or cleaning the house. Once we got into a groove though things were fine. Plus bonus points to my husband for staying home and cutting and painting the new baseboards while I went to see The Hunger Games and out to dinner with my book club.

Here’s me laying down the underlayment for the new floor.

Scout tries to convince me she’s helping out by keeping an eye on the boxes the new flooring came out of.

And finally the moment you’ve all be waiting for…

The new floor is so much better than the old floor. I am super excited about it. It kind of makes we wish we had done this years ago.

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