Cover of Rolling in the Deep by Judith Owen

A good cover song in my opinion is not a strict cover. If you plan to sing the same exact version of a song as the original singer, then I might as well just listen to the original. However, if you take a song and make it your own I can get behind that. It doesn’t necessarily mean I will enjoy your version of the song, but I can at least appreciate the attempt at creating something new.

Happily I do enjoy Judith Owen’s cover of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep. It is very different stylistically than the original. I like the song on it’s own merits, and the fact that it’s an interesting reinterpretation of a song I already like is just an extra added bonus. The first time I heard the song was listening to WXPN while I was at work. I wasn’t really paying attention to the lyrics, but was thinking that I really liked the song based on the music. I totally didn’t recognize it as Rolling in the Deep until after the song was over and the DJ said what it was. I immediately had to go out and find a copy of it online to listen to again so I could indeed hear that it was Rolling in the Deep. I almost didn’t want to say what the song was to see how many other people did or did not pick up on it.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a copy of the song to embed in this post, but you can listen to it on Judith Owen’s website at this link.

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