The Smell of Fresh Air in My House

Thanks to the absolutely unseasonally gorgeous weather we’ve been having in Baltimore the past few days, we have been leaving some of the windows in our house open. I love the smell of the fresh air in my house. It’s especially noticeable when I open the door to the bedroom, which we keep closed to keep the cats out. Baltimore weather is pretty horrible usually. We generally only get a handful of days that are worthy of leaving the windows open all day. It’s either too cold in the winter or way too hot and humid in the summer. We’re one of the lucky few living in the city with central air conditioning, so when it’s hot and gross out we turn on the air and shut the windows. It’s these few days in between the horrible weather of winter and summer that allow for us to leave the windows open and enjoy the weather. I’m hoping that this beautiful weather keeps up for quite some time. I’m a little afraid of how hot it’s going to be this summer given how warm the winter has been, but for now I’ll just keep enjoying the great weather I’m being given.

One thought on “The Smell of Fresh Air in My House

  1. The warm winter means a cooler summer. We’ll have to see if that holds true. Cold winter means a hot summer. That has been the case here the last two years. So we’ll see what happens here with summer since we had a very mild winter.

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