Daylight Savings Time

A lot of people I know, my husband included, grumble about Daylight Savings Time. They think it serves no purpose, leads to problems, makes them lose an hour of sleep, etc. I on the other hand am a huge fan of Daylight Savings Time. I hate the cold, dark days of winter. The return of Daylight Savings Time marks the end of what is by far the worst season of the year (though this year hasn’t been so bad because of the super mild winter). I love the pronounced change in how long it stays light outside. It makes it much more dramatic and noticeable than the gradual day by day changes that occur naturally. I love that last week when I left the gym after yoga on a Monday it was pitch black out, and this week there was still light. I adore the long, light days of summer and Daylights Savings Time marks the beginning of that wonderful time of year.

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