No Need to Shop til You Drop

I generally have a hate/hate relationship with shopping. Working in retail for 4 years pretty much sucked all the joy out of it for me. I tend to only go shopping when I’m looking for something specific. This tends to lead to all kinds of problems further cementing my dislike of the shopping experience because it means I usually have some very specific idea of what I’m trying to find. I have discovered that I and the manufacturers of items do not tend to be on the same page, and thus I normally have a really hard time finding what I want. Let’s not talk about how long it took me to find a purse that I wanted. By the time I finally found one that made me happy my old one was literally falling apart at the seams.

However, the last 2 times I have gone shopping the shopping gods have smiled upon me. The last time I went shopping was in December for Christmas presents for myself. I needed the aforementioned purse and a new pair of black boots, which my parents were going to buy me as my Christmas gift. I went to exactly two stores and found exactly what I was looking for. It was amazing.

Today was pretty much an exact repeat. I had bought a pair of pants online the other week, but needed to buy some new shirts to go with them. I also wanted to buy a new swimsuit before my trip to Florida in a couple of weeks. I had very specific ideas of what I was looking for, so was sure that I would fruitlessly search for these items and come up empty handed. Not so. I found a swim suit right away at Target. Then I went to the mall and found not one but two shirts at H&M, which was the first store I went into. I also managed to find a third shirt at Macy’s, which was more than I was hoping for. I also stumbled upon a pair of navy blue patent leather ballet flats, which wasn’t something I was even looking for but which will go perfect with my new pants. Best of all everything was on sale. It was a super shopping day. If this keeps up I may actually start enjoying my trips to the mall.

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