The One Where Our Intrepid Heroine Takes a Tap Class

After seeing Anything Goes on Broadway a few weeks back and falling in love with the spectacular tap number that closes out the first half of the show, I got the idea to take a beginner’s tap class just for fun. I did some searching online for adult tap classes in the Baltimore area and discovered that adult tap classes are very hard to come by. Most dance studios, if they even have adult classes, seem to focus on ballet. A slightly smaller number include jazz in addition to ballet, and almost none of them have tap classes. I found one studio in Owings Mills with a tap class that was just getting ready to start a 12 week session, but on a night that I couldn’t go. Finally, I stumbled upon Charm City Movement. They have drop-in tap classes on Sunday afternoons, which was perfect for me.

Today my friend Jamie and I went to their Beginner’s Tap Class. Although technically the class is for beginners no one there except me really was. Jamie and the 2 other new people there today all have years of tap experience even if they haven’t put on a pair of tap shoes in awhile. There were also two other people in the class. I’m not sure what their background was, but they had at least been to the tap class at Charm City Movement before so they at least had some experience. I on the other hand essentially have no experience. I took one tap class when I was around 8 years old and then quit. I did take ballet and jazz for a few more years after that, but for some reason gave up on tap. Add this to the fact that I essentially have no rhythm, and well this was me today:

As Monica says, but at least I’m doing it. I am an intelligent person, but for some reason ask me to remember the order of a few simple steps and my brain falls right out of my head. I remember this being the case when I took dance as a child as well. I’m just doing this for fun though, so even if I stink at it at least I’m giving it a try. Plus it’s giving me an even greater appreciation for the amazing tap dancing I see on stage. In addition to the drop in tap classes, which they are pushing back by an hour, Charm City Movement is adding a 7 week session starting next week at the same time that I went today. I am planning on signing up for it, and hopefully by the end I’ll come out a little better than I was before. If nothing else it gives me a good work out on Sunday afternoons.

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