Polar Bears

I love polar bears! I think they are the cutest animals in the world, and baby polar bear cubs are beyond words adorable. A lot of other people jumped on my baby polar bear bandwagon with the whole Knut and Flocke polar bear cub craze a few years ago, but I had thing for polar bears long before that. I also didn’t think Knut was ugly after he became a dirty looking adult polar bear like so many other people. I keep hoping the polar bears at the  Maryland Zoo in Baltimore will have a cub, but so far no dice. For now I will get my cute polar bear cub fix with Siku the polar bear cub at the Scandanavian Wildlife Park of Djursland in Denmark. I tried to convince my husband that we should take a vacation to Denmark this summer when it would be warmer but Siku would still be a baby. I’ve never been to any of the Scandinavian countries, and what better reason is there to go than to visit a polar bear. My husband for some reason did not share my enthusiasm for this plan.

Here’s a picture of Siku’s first trip out into the snow. If you’re heart doesn’t melt at that cute little face it must be made of stone. Enjoy some more super cute pictures of Siku playing in the snow here.

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