The Twins’ First Birthday

This weekend my husband and I traveled up to New York City to help celebrate the first birthday of our nephew Ryan and our niece Lily. We got up there just in time to head out to their birthday brunch. Even with not so great naps and a almost 3 hours at the restaurant they hung in there like little troopers. We had a great visit with them. Much better than the one last month when the whole family was felled by a stomach bug. They’re both walking now and getting in to everything. Hopefully we’ll see them again soon.


Birthday Boy Ryan

Birthday girl Lily. She’s wearing a sock on her hand because she decided to make her actual first birthday on Tuesday exciting with a trip to the ER. She got her finger slammed in a door and wound up losing her fingernail and needing stitches. The sock is to try and keep her from pulling the bandage off.

The birthday boy and birthday girl together.

Ryan and Lily blow out their birthday candles.

Lily gets her first taste of ice cream.

Ryan made good work of his ice cream and cupcake.

After brunch it was time to open presents. This bag was one of Ryan’s favorite gifts. 

Their favorite actual present seemed to be this puzzle.

Lily and Ryan get ready to cheer on their Giants in the Superbowl next weekend.

Their mom wanted to make sure they each had their own birthday cakes, so in addition to the party yesterday we had birthday cake for them this afternoon too.

Fishface Lily

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