Tonight was the series finale of one of my favorite TV shows ever, Chuck. I have been reading tons of retrospectives and interviews with the cast and creators over the past week as it ends its unlikely 5 season run, so I was inspired to offer up my own little tribute to the little show that could. Over its run Chuck faced cancellations at just about every turn and yet somehow not only managed to get renewed for 5 seasons but got additional episode orders in seasons 3 and 4. Much of this no doubt is due to the show’s loyal fans and their ingenious Subway campaign in which they put their money where there mouth is (literally) to support one of the show’s sponsors.

I will never understand why Chuck was not a bigger hit than it was. It really has something for everyone: action, spy adventures, comedy, drama, romance. Maybe it was just that the concept seemed to geeky for mainstream viewers? I don’t know. If you’re not familiar with Chuck, it’s the story of a nerdy guy who got expelled from Stanford and is now working at The Buy More in their Nerd Herd (i.e. Best Buy Geek Squad) until one day he receives an email from ex-best friend from college. When he opens the email a computer called the Intersect which contains all the CIA and NSA files essentially gets downloaded into his brain. Obviously you have to suspend your disbelief for this part, but it’s such a part of the show that you don’t even really think about the fact that it could never really happen. The show is really about the story of what happens from there when he becomes involved with the spy world due to his possession of this computer in his head. He falls in love with his CIA handler, Sarah and their relationship is really at the heart of the show.

This show was also wonderful for introducing me to new music. I can’t tell you how many songs I immediately downloaded after watching this show each week. If there is any number of people out there like me, then this show should have been kept on the air for the music royalties being made from it alone.

The finale was befitting of the show. There were lots of callbacks, one last performance by Jeffster! and most of all a focus on the relationships that were the heart of the show over it’s entire run.

If you never watched Chuck, I highly encourage you to seek it out. I promise once you start watching you’re going to plow through those 5 seasons wishing for more. If you don’t see the charm in this show I’m not sure we have a lot in common.

Here’s a couple of clips from Chuck to whet your appetite. Television critic Alan Sepinwall, and one of Chuck’s biggest champions, has repeatedly called this first clip “the quintessential Chuck moment” so I thought it would be a good one to include to demonstrate all that Chuck has to offer.

As a bonus I’m also including the first ever musical performance by Jeffster!, which then became a thing. It’s still my favorite out of all the Jeffster! performances and also features a really sweet moment between Chuck and Sarah and great scenes of Casey’s reactions to Jeffster! all of which I really feel capture the essence of these characters and their relationships on the show.

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