BBC’s Sherlock

I adore the BBC’s new adaptation of Sherlock. If you somehow missed all the hubbub about it during the run of its’ first series (yes, I am just pretentious enough to make sure to refer to it as a series instead of a season as it’s a British show), it’s a modern adaptation of Sherlock Holmes created by Steven Moffat and starring the utterly delightful Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes. Even his name is delightful. There’s nothing not happy-making about the name Benedict Cumberbatch. I will also point out that watching the first series of Sherlock is what finally got me to watch the new Doctor Who. Many people I know including my husband insisted I should watch it, but I kept avoiding it. However, I loved Sherlock so much that knowing that Steven Moffat was also involved with the new Doctor Who managed to tip the scales and get me to watch it.

There have been two series of the show so far, which each consist of three 90-minute episodes. So they’re really more like a series of movies than a television show. PBS acquired the rights from the BBC and broadcast the first series here in the States. The second series has just finished it’s run in Britain. PBS will air it at some later date. I believe May is what I heard. I have seen it already thanks to certain means that will go unnamed here. I’m including a preview of the first episode of the second series, which was my favorite of the three episodes in it.

If you haven’t watched any of Sherlock yet I would highly recommend it. The first series is available on Netflix both streaming and of course on DVD. I’m sure you could also get through other means such as iTunes or Amazon video if you prefer to acquire it that way.


3 thoughts on “BBC’s Sherlock

    1. I certainly can’t call myself a Sherlock Holmes expert, so I can’t really compare this to any other Sherlock Holmes material you might have enjoyed in the past. However, the reasons I really like this adaptation are its ingenious transplanting of the source material into the modern world. I think the creators did an excellent job with that. It’s lively and humorous and the characters continue to grow throughout the series, especially the relationship between Holmes and Watson. I also just really like the cinematographic style of the show. They do some really clever stuff in displaying how Holmes so quickly comes to his conclusions without him having to sit there and explain it out loud every time. I’ve heard some people say it’s the best use of on-screen text overlay they’ve ever seen. I imagine any Sherlock Holmes fan would find this series to be an enjoyable watch.

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