Sitting by a Fire

I love sitting by a fire on a cold winter’s day. It makes everything so nice and cozy. Sadly our house doesn’t have a fireplace or any good place to put one even if we wanted to install one of those fake gas ones. I’m enjoying sitting on the couch by the fire at my in-law’s house reading and messing around on my iPad. I was just thinking the other week how much I would like to go on a ski vacation without the skiing part, which essentially means I want to go somewhere and sit by a fire while drinking hot cocoa and reading. We ate dinner at The Savage River Lodge in Western Maryland over the summer and I’m thinking it would be a great place for a winter weekend getaway. We would have a nice, cozy little cabin with a fireplace and no Internet which would force us both to disconnect for the weekend, which would probably be good. We’ll see how much of a good idea this seems after all the traveling I’m doing in January. At any rate, I’ll keep enjoying my access to a fireplace for the rest of the time we’re in California.

One thought on “Sitting by a Fire

  1. The one thing our new house doesn’t have is a fireplace – and it was nearly at the top of my list to have one! But it does make those visits to homes with one (like my parents’ house later today!) so much sweeter – I claim the hearth spot to sit every time. 🙂

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