Hampden’s Miracle on 34th Street

34th Street runs through my neighborhood in Baltimore. The people living on one of the blocks of 34th took advantage of the name and go all out with their Christmas spirit. It started decades ago with just one house and has now spread to a whole block of houses that draws people from all over to see the display of lights. Even though I live around the corner from this block and am thus forced to deal with the traffic and parking nightmares this display creates every December I still really appreciate the fact that they do this every year. It brings a lot of joy to many people including me. I usually make it down to the lights at least a few times per year. I went once with my family at Thanksgiving, then again last night with some friends, and I’ll definitely be back on New Year’s Eve for the little celebration that happens there at midnight. (More on that to come at New Year’s.)

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