Holiday Party at Max’s Taphouse

Every year some of my friends rent out the upstairs bar at Max’s Taphouse in Fell’s Point for our holiday party. It’s hard to believe that this year was our 8th Annual Winter Wonderland celebration. Being held at Max’s, the party of course boasts a wide selection of good beer. There’s also a buffet of food from Max’s and we always bring a wide selection of yummy desserts to munch on as well. The party also always features a white elephant gift exchange. This year I started out with a shot glass checkers game, which got stolen from me. Instead I wound up coming home with an umbrella lamp. I’m thinking that’s going to make a reappearance at next year’s party unless I throw it away like I apparently did with the car bling kit I originally thought I was going to bring back as my gift this year. My husband’s barrel of monkeys also got stolen from him and he wound up with 3 DVDs (some adult content Ren & Stimpy, 2 Brothers, and some sci-fi thing I had never heard of and don’t remember the name of right now).

It’s always a great way to spend the Sunday afternoon before Christmas with friends and to wish everyone happy holidays before we all head off on our travels to visit family in other parts of the country.

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