The Twins

As I mentioned in my post yesterday about War Horse, my husband I went up to NYC this past weekend to visit his sister and her family. She and her husband have 11 month old twins Lily and Ryan. New York isn’t just around the corner, but it is significantly closer than Arizona where my other niece and soon-to-be nephew reside, so we get to see them on a much more frequent basis which is nice. That is especially true when it means we will soon see them again after a less than ideal visit this time around. (We’ll be back up in NYC in about 6 weeks for their first birthday). Things started off great as exhibited in the photos below, but within an hour or two of these delightful photos being taken, both kids were down for the count with a stomach virus which mom and dad then woke up with the next morning. Fingers crossed that they didn’t pass it along to their aunt and uncle as well. So far, so good with that, but since I don’t know the incubation period of this particular virus I’m not counting us out of the woods quite yet. And on that note here’s some cute baby pictures for you to look at.

Ryan contemplating opening his Christmas present from Aunt Danielle and Uncle Paul. I have a super cute picture of him that looks like he’s actually reading the opened card, but it looks like I uploaded the wrong photo to my media library at home. I’ll have to add it in later. (UPDATED to include that photo).

Lily getting ready to open her present.

Ryan reading his Christmas card.

Ryan checking out his new cars, while Lily like babies everywhere decides that the packaging is way more fun. See as she hugs the wrapping paper tightly…

and plays with the box her toy came in.

Let’s check out this toy now that mom took away all the super fun packaging.

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