Christmas Music

I love Christmas music. I am of the strict mindset though that it is only appropriate to listen to between Thanksgiving and Christmas, possibly all the way up to New Year’s if you insist. Outside of that time frame though, Christmas music is dead to me.

After thinking about my favorite Christmas songs I realize that my favorite Christmas music is of the more dramatic and melancholy variety. My most loathed Christmas songs are Feliz Navidad and Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time. I disliked even typing that sentence as I have now earwormed myself with both of them. Trust me it is a not a mashup you want running through your head.

Anyway, I’ve decided over the next 25 days leading up to Christmas I’m going to share one of my favorite songs each day. This won’t be a countdown in the sense that this list is being posted in no particular order. It will just be 25 Christmas songs that I really enjoy posted based on whatever I feel like that particular day.

I hope you enjoy, and please feel free to share your own favorite Christmas songs.

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