It feels appropriate on Halloween to post about my favorite candy bar, which incidentally I just ate. It was only the fun sized version, but that’s ok. Although I will gladly eat any number of candy bars if you gave them to me, my hands down favorite is Twix. The combination of the chocolate with the gooey, sweet caramel and the cookie crunch can’t be beat. Plus, since they come two to a package (at least regular sized ones do) it always feels like you’re getting a bonus candy bar even though, let’s be realistic, no one ever eats just one of them at a time.

Having also just eating one of the new white chocolate Reese’s peanut butter cups I can tell you that will not be vying for the top spot ever. I even like white chocolate, which I know a lot of people don’t, but let me tell you that was not good. I think I’ll stick with my Twix. Now to come up with another reason to walk by the circulation desk and steal some Halloween candy before the end of the day.

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