Celebrating my Third Wedding Anniversary

My husband likes when I mention him in my blog posts, so he can be very happy today because this post is all about him. On this day three years we got married. It is also just shy of our seven year anniversary as a couple. We started dating at the end of October 2004. We met in May 2004 through a social group in Baltimore called Meetin’ Baltimore, and started dating about 5 months later.

About 2 months after that I got sick and turned quickly from a girlfriend who was up for almost anything into one who could barely walk and felt miserable all the time. About 6 weeks after that I got diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and arthritis. Our first Valentine’s Day together was spent with him driving me to and from getting a colonoscopy. Many guys would have run for the door with all this happening that early in a relationship, but instead my husband stuck around and did whatever he could to make me comfortable. Luckily everything seems to be in remission these days, but when the inevitable day comes that that is no longer the case I know I can count on my husband to take good care of me.

After being together for four years, we got engaged on my 30th birthday during a trip to New Mexico. We got married in Florida on the beach and had our reception at my parents’ house 4 months to the day after we got engaged.


Now it’s three years later and my husband still makes me happy every day. He’s always trying to take care of me and do things to make me happy. There are of course things that he does that drive me nuts, like never putting in a new trash bag after taking out the trash, but I’m sure I have some habits that make him crazy too. I look forward to many more years sharing my life with him. 

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