WXPN is the University of Pennsylvania radio station, but you can actually hear it in Baltimore (sometimes). WKHS, which is a radio station from some high school in Kent County, simulcasts WXPN for significant portions of the day on 90.5. You can also listen online to their stream at xpn.org.  I stream the station at work most days when I’m in my office. If you live in Baltimore, you’re probably familiar with WTMD the Towson University radio station. WTMD has definitely modeled themselves after WXPN, but I like WXPN much better. The are also the home of The World Cafe, which is broadcast on over 200 radio stations around the country including WTMD, so you may be hearing some of their content and not realizing it.

WXPN plays lots of indie rock very much focusing on singer songwriters. It’s a great mix of new, upcoming artists and old favorites. Sometimes the artists I hear played there I only ever hear played there and other times I’ll eventually see them break out into the mainstream like Mumford and Sons.

WXPN is a member supported radio station. In addition, to being the UPenn station they are also an NPR station. They have been running their fall fund drive this week, and I finally managed to get my act together to renew my membership this afternoon. WXPN is the one place I ever donate my money that is not some social justice type organization or organization seeking to cure some medical condition. The music they play makes me happy every day and I am happy to support them financially.



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