A Cupcake from my Husband

I know I said I was going to blog about my fall television viewing today, but I think I’m actually going to put that off until this time next week once I’ve had a chance to see all the pilots. Right now it would be weird because I would be writing about both shows I have seen and shows I haven’t seen. That way I can also give an indication if it’s something I’m going to stick with or if I was out after watching the pilot.

Instead I am going to blog about my husband bringing me a cupcake. Baltimore has a cupcake truck who has been taunting me with their newest flavors over Facebook and Twitter. I saw them tweet that they were going to be parked outside of Social Security Administration today, so I jokingly asked my husband if he had any work he needed to do there today. He does actually do work there from time to time and has in fact picked me up cupcakes there before. I say I asked jokingly though because I knew he wasn’t doing any work for them at the moment. He is sweet though and got me a cupcake for dessert. It wasn’t from the cupcake truck, but it’s the thought that counts. He went to Whole Foods earlier today to buy me some fish for dinner (isn’t he the best) and stopped at the Charm City Cupcakes branch that recently opened there. So now I’m looking forward to a eating a turtle cupcake.

What sweet things does your significant other do for you?

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