Laughing at Aaron Sorkin Breaking His Nose While Writing

I admit that it’s probably wrong that I’m taking glee in someone else’s pain, but this story is just too funny. I’ve recently been making my way through The West Wing and have also previously watched Sorkin’s other television series, Sports Night and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I enjoy his shows, but let’s face it Aaron Sorkin often has a very liberal axe to grind that he likes to beat people over the head with. Even though I often agree (though not always) with whatever point he’s trying to get across I kind of want to punch him in the face for being so heavy-handed about it. I was in fact having this very thought during the episode of The West Wing I was watching on Friday at the gym. Apparently though I don’t have to worry because he’s pretty much beating himself up on my behalf.

I was cracking up just at the headline that Aaron Sorkin Breaks His Nose While Writing because what!?!? I was a little worried when I started reading the story and they were referring to his writing on the new movie Moneyball. I was thinking it was going to be a case of a misleading headline and that he got hit in the face with a baseball or something while working on the movie. But oh no this story did not let me down at all. If you didn’t stop to read the story yet, go do it now. I’ll wait. Is Sorkin’s description of how he broke his nose not the best thing you’ve ever heard. It’s even more delightful if you know anything about Aaron Sorkin. Ok now I’m going to go back to trying to be a better person and not delight in other people’s pain.

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