Friday Night Lights at the Emmys

I am a TV addict. I’m admitting it here and now on this blog. This will probably become widely apparent as we enter the new TV season this week. One of the best shows of the last few years and well, ever, is Friday Night Lights. It barely hung on by a thread for 5 seasons, loved by critics but largely ignored by the television viewing public. I understand most people use television as a mindless form of escapism which is why all the reality and procedural shows I can’t stand are the ones that get all the ratings.

Friday Night Lights definitely is not mindless escapism. It is painfully realistic, but that is what makes it so wonderful. Also just let me point out that this show is not really about football it’s about life. Friday Night Lights has the most realistic portrayal of a marriage on television ever with Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler playing Eric and Tami Taylor. It really is an amazing show (aside from a few network dictated missteps in season 2 that you just have to get past and move on), and you owe it to yourself to watch it.

What is making me happy today about this show other than its existence is the fact that it did manage to win a couple unexpected Emmys tonight. It really did deserve to win in all 4 of the major categories it was nominated in, but I’ll settle for two. Jason Katims won best writing in a drama series, which I figured was the best chance for an Emmy win. I was thrilled to see Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler nominated for the second year in a row though I was sure it would end up the same as last year with them both losing. Connie Britton lost for best actress, sadly because she truly deserved an Emmy for her work on that show, so I was convinced Kyle Chandler had no chance either. Much to my surprise he actually won best actor in a drama. My husband will attest that there was much squealing coming out of me at that moment. That win managed to get my hopes up a little bit for Friday Night Lights to win best drama series, but it was not to be. I kind of figured that Mad Men was going to win again and it did. It’s not horrible because it really was an excellent season of Mad Men. I can’t fault the Emmy voters for that, but Mad Men has already won 3 times and will have additional chances while this was the last chance Friday Night Lights had to win an award it so richly deserved.

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