Maryland Renaissance Festival and Plaza Garibaldi

The Maryland Renaissance Festival is the second largest Renaissance Festival in the United States. I try to go to the festival every year. Today was the day we managed to make it out this year. There are always lots of great performances as well as good food to eat. There are two acts that come back year after year that I really enjoy: Shakespeare’s Skum and The Squire on the Wire. Shakespeare’s Skum performs short comedic versions of Shakespeare’s plays. This year they are doing performances based on Hamlet and Richard III .They also were doing a game show called Shakespeare in Jeopardy. We watched all three of those performances. We also enjoyed the Squire on the Wire’s act. He does a comedy routine while engaging in other activities like tight rope walking, other balancing acts, and juggling. It’s quite impressive. Today’s show was made extra amusing by the audience participation of a really drunk guy who was kind of obnoxious, but that the Squire used to his advantage. The festival runs through October 23 if you want to go.

After we left the Renaissance Festival we stopped to have dinner Plaza Garibaldi, since it was near the area we were in. Although normally the city far exceeds the suburbs in terms of the variety and quality of restaurants, Baltimore City does not have a really good Mexican restaurant. When we want really good Mexican food we trek out to Plaza Garibaldi in Glen Burnie. I always get the combination dinner with a chicken burrito, cheese enchilada, rice and beans. Yum!

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