My Country

I’ve been rather curmudgeonly about the whole 10 year anniversary of 9/11. I have no interest in reliving anyone’s memories or footage from that day. I have changed every radio station and TV channel that refers to it and have skipped over many Facebook and Twitter status messages and blog posts on the subject. I understand why there is all the media coverage about it, and why other people are actually wanting to tune into all this stuff. I have my own reasons for not wanting to go through it all again.

Yet, I think this is the perfect day to dedicate a blog post to my country, The United States of America. I am truly blessed to be an American citizen and take that for granted more often than I should. 9/11 exposed many things about this country both good and bad. What exactly falls under each category seems to depend on who you are, but I hope that the one thing that the most conservative of conservatives and the most liberal of liberals can agree on is that the greatness of our country rests on the fact that people are able to hold dissenting opinions. The freedom we have in this country to be who we are, to believe what we each believe, and to put those beliefs into practice is a wonderful thing.

I am also doubly blessed as a woman. There are many countries around the world where I would be considered nothing because I am a woman. I would not receive any of the freedoms I have in the United States to be an equal counterpart to the male citizens of my country. I would not be able to be educated or hold a job. I would not be able to have my own opinion or write a blog post such as this one.

The United States isn’t perfect, but it is my country and I am proud to be one of its citizens.

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