Tonight was Librarians’ Happy Hour, which as I previously mention is currently meeting at Club Charles. The owners of Club Charles recently opened their long in the works sci-fi themed diner just down the block. I had in my head that I wanted to go there for dinner and was looking forward to a milkshake from what is apparently an extensive fancy milkshake menu. Alas, the newness and good reviews it has received thus far resulted in there still being a 40 minute wait even at almost 8:30. We were too hungry to wait that long, so we wound up grabbing dinner across the street at Tapas Teatro, which I love but which didn’t sate my craving for a milkshake.

On the drive home my friend Alison decided we needed to remedy the milkshake problem and got on her phone to find out where we could go to get a milkshake. We discovered that the Uncle Wiggly’s/Taharka Brothers in Mt. Washington was still open, and even better she had a Groupon to use. So we got milkshakes after all. I had a salty cookie milkshake, which was made with salted caramel ice cream and cookie dough ice cream. It was quite excellent.

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