Fun with Marketing

A few weeks ago I saw that a local marketing research firm was looking for people with certain autoimmune disorders who use injectible medications to participate in a marketing study. I am blessed with not one, but two of the diseases on their list and one of the medications I take to treat them is taken through injection. I had never participated in a marketing research study before and thought it would be interesting to do, and the fact that I was going to get paid to do it didn’t hurt either. I had to fill out a non-disclosure agreement so I’m not actually allowed to say anything about the actual study, but I enjoyed doing it and hopefully my feedback will be helpful.

Have you ever participated in a marketing study?

3 thoughts on “Fun with Marketing

  1. I belong to PineCone Research. I get paid $3 to do surveys and occasionally I get to try test market products. I’ve also tested pre-market products for McCormick that have shown up on store shelves shortly thereafter. There are non-disclosures, but it’s been enjoyable. A couple years ago it started with another company (name is escaping me)who paid in points. I could then trade in the points for gift cards. The whole reason I started there was one of the gift cards available was Game Stop, so I was basically getting Mike free video games. However, those surveys were super long and you had to qualify for each one. Sometimes I’d spend 10 minutes on it and THEN it’d announce that they didn’t need anymore responses from someone fitting my description. I feel like if I fill out a huge personal info sheet ahead of time, they should only send me surveys they want me to take. Every PineCone survey that is sent to me takes between 5-10 minutes and I always qualify for the reward.

  2. Do you remember when you were kids that we were Dominoes Pizza mystery customers? We got a free pizza every week and filled out a questionnaire about the service as well as the pizza.

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