Grapes from Reid’s Orchard

Reid’s Orchard sells their fruit at the 32nd Street Farmer’s Market in Baltimore. They have really spoiled me for fruit from anywhere else. I don’t even bother with fruit from any of the other vendors at the market and when I have to buy fruit at the grocery store it doesn’t even come close to the fruit from Reid’s. I almost gave up on eating grapes because all the grapes I would buy at the grocery were always so sour I couldn’t stand to eat them. Then two years ago Reid’s starting selling grapes in conjunction with expanding their orchard into a winery. They are amazing. I had forgotten how a grape is supposed to actually taste. Their grapes just started to be in season a few weeks ago, so I have been enjoying them over the last few weeks and will continue to do so until the weather turns and I am stuck with nothing but apples for the next 6 months. Even my husband who doesn’t really eat fruit of any type fights me for the grapes. If you live in the Baltimore area I highly suggest getting yourself some grapes from Reid’s.

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