Adele’s 21

I enjoyed Adele’s first album, 19, but I absolutely adore 21. It is pretty much perfect. It has a great mix of songs with soul, sassy songs, and heartfelt ballads. The fact that “Rolling in the Deep” has been played to death and I still love it shows what a wonderful song it is. Usually after hearing a song so often I would be tired of hearing it. The newest single off the album, “Someone Like You”, is not a happy song but is making me happy because it is so beautiful.

I had the pleasure of seeing Adele in concert a few months ago in Philadelphia, and she was amazing. I also tried to get tickets to her concerts in DC and Atlantic City, but they sold out in seconds. I can at least relish the one concert I did get to see. Hopefully she play some bigger venues on her next tour so it won’t be so hard to get tickets.

It was such a treat to see someone who is still completely relishing her new found fame and who is still seemingly shocked by it all. This is in total contrast to the U2 concert I saw later this summer who bored me to tears with their canned stage act. Also, Adele’s crazy cackle is so endearing. I saw someone say on Twitter earlier this week something to the effect that Adele’s soulful voice and cackling laugh are the yin and yang to all humanity.

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