Beach, Family, and Cards

My parents and my grandmother live in Amelia Island, Florida, which is in northern Florida outside of Jacksonville and about 30 miles south of the Georgia border. They live within walking distance of the beach, so coming to visit them is like taking a little beach vacation. Of course since it is far northern Florida they do have seasonal weather, so when I come for the holidays it’s not beach appropriate sadly. I usually try to make it down for a week in the summer though, and here I am.

I adore walking on the beach. I love the waves washing up over my feet while I’m walking barefoot on the sand. It’s a lovely way to get your exercise in. I of course also enjoying getting to see my family (except when they’re trying to berate me into becoming a Republican). In addition to my parents and grandmother I’m also getting to visit with my Uncle Dan and his girlfriend Connie and my great-Aunt Ann and her son Jim. I actually won’t get a chance to see the latter two until Sunday evening when I return from my weekend trip to Georgia as the are driving up from West Palm Beach today and probably won’t get here before I leave.

I also get to enjoy playing cards while I’m here. If you grow up in my family you learn to play cards at an early age. When we’re together there is almost always a card game going on. My husband and friends don’t seem to be much into card games. We play board games from time to time, but never cards. So it’s always nice to get some card playing while I’m down here even when they’re taking all my money. Trust me there are no friends at this card table.

What are your favorite things to do when you’re visiting your family?

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