Of Friends, Earthquakes, and Unicycles

My husband being the old computer geek that he is made a bunch of friends through some group online before most people knew what the internet was. He still keeps in touch with several of them, and most of those people live within three hours of us and most of them even closer than that. However, we pretty much never see any of them despite the fact we live in close proximity. Last night we had the pleasure of getting together with one of them and his fiancee. My husband and two of these friends share server rack space in a colocation facility in Baltimore. One of Ed’s computers needed to be replaced so he and his fiancee Kate were going to make their way up from DC to take care of that and meet us for dinner while they were in town. Despite the fact that they live so close I figured out it had been over three years since we had last seen them in person, which is kind of ridiculous.

We were almost thwarted last night as well thanks to yesterday’s earthquake. The traffic in DC was insane for several hours following that event. Of course I don’t blame people because I would flee as well, since I wouldn’t want my last moments to be spent there either. Due to the craziness they initially abandoned their plans to come up yesterday, and I was sad. The traffic managed to clear enough by the time they were home from work and ready to leave so they reconsidered and decided to come up.

We had a lovely dinner sitting outside on the porch at Mr. Rain’s Fun House. Then the boys ran off to play with their computers while Kate and I hung around at the restaurant having much more interesting conversations I’m sure. We’ll definitely have to make sure it’s not another three years before we see each other again.

Speaking of the earthquake it also made me happy. This of course would not be the case if there had been any major devastation, but as there was only minor damage and from what I’ve heard no major injuries I feel like I can say I’m happy that it happened. I had never been in an earthquake before and always wondered what it would feel like. Now I know. It was kind of a bizarre experience as it’s definitely not something you ever think about happening on the east coast. By the time I realized what was happening and thought I should probably get in a doorway or something it was over. That was pretty much enough earthquake for me though, and now that I’ve experienced one I don’t really care to be in another one.

And last but not least, the final thing that made me happy yesterday was a unicycle. On my way home from the gym I drove by a random girl riding a unicycle. Having tried it, I find riding a unicycle rather impressive on it’s own, but she was also riding it up a hill on a curved road over a bumpy bricked sidewalk. I see lots of bicyclists on my commute, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen someone out riding a unicycle in the wild. I think it was even better than the time I saw someone commuting down the road on a Segway.

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