I love to bake.  There is something I find very cathartic about baking. I like measuring out the ingredients and mixing them together to create something delicious. It’s amazing that a few simple ingredients like flour, sugar, and eggs combined in different ways with a few other ingredients can result in so many tasty treats.

Let it be known that this feeling does not apply to cooking in general. I am not a fan of all the cutting, chopping, sauteing, and stirring that goes into cooking. I wonder if my love of baking and not cooking stems from my childhood. My mother, sister, and I often baked to together when I was a kid, but we didn’t cook. It makes sense since it’s easy to have kids help out with measuring flour and sugar, but you would never hand a small child a knife and ask him or her to help cut up the ingredients for whatever you’re cooking. Plus baking is more of a special treat in that most people don’t do it every day, while most people perform some sort of cooking in order to eat every day.

I was baking brownies from scratch on my own before I was out of elementary school, and I’m still at it. Tonight I’m baking these cookies to take to for dessert for the dinner I’m helping serve at Baltimore Station on Wednesday. I’ll probably feel compelled to eat a few as well because I of course want to make sure they won’t kill anyone.

4 thoughts on “Baking

  1. It’s funny- I think most people prefer one or the other (or neither!). I’m definitely more of a cooking person. I feel like there’s more freedom to experiment, whereas I feel somewhat constrained by the precise measurements of baking. Maybe if I knew baking better, I wouldn’t.

  2. I’m a baker, too. I hate cooking. I’ve tried to like it, but I think I don’t exactly because of what Tracie said – the “room to experiment” part. I like knowing exactly what I’m going to get!

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