Librarians’ Happy Hour

The second Friday of every month of contingent of Baltimore area librarians meet for happy hour at the aptly named Librarians’ Happy Hour. The tradition started with the former director of the University of Baltimore Library who would have happy hour on the first Friday of the month with some of his staff and would send out an invitation to the rest of the Maryland library community via the state library listserv. I think most of those gatherings remained pretty much his staff until a few years ago when a number of area academic libraries hired a bunch of new librarians in the 20s and early 30s who started attending the happy hour. Soon after that the UB library director retired and one of the new librarians took over hosting the happy hour.

Given the happy hour’s UB roots we meet in the Mount Vernon area, but we have moved around a bit. We started off at Brewer’s Art, but it was always way too crowded in there and our group can get rather large at times, so we decided we needed a new location. As the dorky, research-minded people that we librarians are we actually created a rubric and went on an assessment crawl to a number of bars in the Mt. Vernon area to scout out a new location. We wound up meeting at Doherty’s for a little over a year before deciding we wanted to try out another location. We of course reperformed the assessment crawl scouting out new locations and wound up with our current location of Club Charles.

It’s a great way to interact with fellow librarian colleagues, and has allowed me to meet other librarians in the area to a degree I never would just through work. Some of these people I just see at happy hour once a month, but others have become good friends. I think it has definitely been a great way for new librarians to the area to meet people and make friends. We’re mostly academic librarians at the moment, but are certainly open to librarians from other areas joining us. So if you live in the Baltimore area and work in a library or just love librarians come out and join us on the second Friday of the month at Club Charles starting at 6pm.

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