Random Games

My husband I play a random fun little game every night. We watch the NBC Nightly News every night while eating dinner (at least when we’re eating at home obviously), and at some point we started a little competition to see who could guess what the top story is going to be that night. We’re both online a lot during the day and keep up with what is going on in the world so by the time we’re actually watching the 6:30 televised news we have a pretty good idea most nights what the main stories covered are going to be. Some nights it’s really obvious what the top story is going to be, other nights it’s a toss up between a couple stories, and some nights there’s nothing that seems obvious. The best nights are when we both have ideas that are a toss up and really get to see who is right about what the top story is going to be. I have no idea how this got started, but I love that we keep it up. It’s just a fun little game that we play with each other.

It reminds me of the “Who Sings This” game that my sister and brother-in-law play with each other in which one of them challenges the other to name the artist of a song that they are listening to when that person knows the answer and suspects the other one doesn’t. It’s just a random game that they started playing with each other and now it’s a little thing that they do.

What random games do you play with your significant other or your friends?

2 thoughts on “Random Games

  1. Dad always does the song game with me because he knows I usually don’t have the answer. We do the distance game when we travel. How far to the next whatever? Winner is the one who gets closest.

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