Book Clubs

I’m actually in two book clubs. One is a fairly casual meeting with a group of my friends. We meet once a month usually at a restaurant and have drinks and dinner while discussing our book of choice…kind of. In this book club we usually spend only about a quarter of the time actually discussing the book and the rest of the time just enjoying a night out together. There is invariably always someone there who hasn’t finished the book or sometimes even started it. It’s my casual book club.

My other book club was started by one of my coworkers and is composed of mostly her group of college friends plus a few add-ons. It’s been great getting to know more people through this book club. This is my serious I feel like I should have been an English major book club. It meets every other month at the host’s home where that person has usually prepared a lovely spread of food that is somehow thematically tied to whatever book we read. It’s always fun to see what people come up with especially when mentions of food are entirely lacking in the book. As I mentioned this is my serious book club. We pretty much spend the entire time discussing the book in some form or fashion and often get deep into the kind of things you have to think about when analyzing stuff for English classes. It’s always a good discussion and I often leave with a new respect for the book even if it wasn’t something I particularly enjoyed.

One of the things I enjoy about being in book clubs is reading books that I otherwise wouldn’t read. Since we take turns choosing what books to read and people have different favorite genres this often means I wind up reading books I don’t like, but sometimes it means I wind up reading an excellent book that I never would have read. My serious book club is getting ready to start a round of classics, which means I’ll wind up reading a bunch of books I feel like I should have read buy probably would never bother picking up on my own. It will be fun.

If anyone in the Baltimore area is interested in joining a book club we’re always open to new members.

4 thoughts on “Book Clubs

  1. It was good. As usual we only talked about the book for a short while. Karen made really yummy enchiladas (and hear the sangria was good too), and my tres leches cake went over well. It was only me, Karen, Alison, and Darra (who had also not read the book). I shared my new quest to buy a lake house and they insisted that Paul also buy an island, a house in Canada, a boat for the lake and a private plane to jet between all these locations. I’m apparently being held hostage after next book club if he refuses to meet their demands.

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