Outdoor concerts

I’ll probably wind up writing a lot about music on this blog because it is something that is always making me happy. I love how music can suit your mood perfectly, change your mood, or evoke nostalgic memories. It should be no surprise then that I adore going to concerts and hearing live music. I haven’t gone in recent years nearly as much as I would like because I often have difficulty finding people to accompany me. My husband and I don’t share the same taste in music and even when there is an artist that we both like he isn’t a huge concert-goer so I have to choose my battles in that area wisely. I also don’t seem to share the same musical tastes as many of my friends, so needless to say I don’t make it to nearly as many concerts as I would like.

This year I’ve kind of been making up for lost time though. I’ve been quite a few concerts since April. I somehow wrangled my husband into flying out to Arizona to see the Railroad Revival Tour concert in Tempe, which was Old Crow Medicine Show, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, and Mumford & Sons. My sister lives in Arizona and the concert was over Easter weekend, so we wrapped all up in one big visit.

This summer I have also seen Sugarland, Mumford & Sons (again), Adele, and U2. Tonight I’m adding to the list, and going to see Guster with my friend Alison. I’m not the hugest Guster fan. I don’t dislike their music. They’ve just never managed to grab me enough to really follow their career or buy any of their albums. I know some of their music from radio play and have some of their older stuff that I downloaded off Napster when I was back in college, but I probably won’t know most of what they play tonight. No matter though because there is nothing I like better than going to a concert at an outdoor venue where I can throw a blanket down on the grass and listen to some live music. Plus I get to make my friend Alison happy by accompanying her to a concert she wants to go.

This is the last concert I have on tap at the moment. Although I would like to see the Brandi Carlisle/Ray LaMontagne and the Avett Brothers at HFStival, but again I’ve unable to find anyone to go with. But I’ve been able to enjoy far more live music this year than I have in a long time so I can’t complain too much.

What are your favorite live music experiences?

2 thoughts on “Outdoor concerts

  1. I always love Merriweather. It’s usually so pleasant (with that one exception!) and feels like summer. My favorite concert, though, was Ben Folds at Rams Head Live. It was so intimate, especially compared to say, NKOTBSB at First Mariner.

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