Little Italy Outdoor Movies

Every Friday during July and August, Little Italy in Baltimore sponsors an outdoor movie. There are a plethora of places to see outdoor movies during the summer in Baltimore, but Little Italy is my absolute favorite. It may not be the nicest place to watch a movie. You’re sitting on the street or in a parking lot as opposed to on grass and the movies are usually not very recent as opposed to other outdoor films in Baltimore, but the Little Italy film festival offers something that none of the others do which is Little Italy itself. The best part of the Little Italy outdoor movie is getting down there a few hours early and grabbing take out from one of the many Italian restaurants (we usually go to Amicci’s) and then getting dessert from Vaccarro’s, which is a wonderful Italian bakery. They have an amazing array of cookies and pastries as well as gelato. You have to make sure to time it right otherwise the line goes around the block. There are a handful of things I make sure to do every summer in Baltimore and going to the Little Italy outdoor movie is one of them. Last night was the night this summer and it was wonderful. The weather was perfect for sitting outdoors, the food was yummy, and the company was great. The movie was The Tourist, which wasn’t very good, but really the movie itself is the least of what makes this such a great thing to do in the summer. If you’re in Baltimore during the summer I highly recommend doing it.

What is your favorite summer activity?

2 thoughts on “Little Italy Outdoor Movies

  1. Jumping in the waves, but I never do it! I married someone who isn’t fond of the beach at the same time my parents sold the beach house which put a crimp in my beach going ways. I’ve been trying to replace the salt water in my blood with chlorinated water instead!

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